Expert solutions for environmental challenges

Foghorn Solutions brings clarity to complex environmental challenges with high-level environmental, communication, and management expertise.

Our Profile

At Foghorn Solutions, we leverage environmental, communication, and management expertise to help our clients build and maintain critical infrastructure and conservation programs. From our strong foundation in both environmental law and construction procedures, we design streamlined regulatory strategies and guide project teams through siting, environmental permitting, and construction compliance management. We help clients collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to achieve successful project outcomes.

We are strategic, thorough, tenacious, and efficient. We evaluate lessons learned from individual projects to establish best practices, guidance, and procedures.

Our clients include:

  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Southern California Gas Company
  • TransCanada
  • Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council
  • CLEAResult

We are certified as a:

  • Woman-owned business enterprise (“WBE”) by the California Public Utilities Commission Supplier Clearinghouse
  • Women-owned micro local business enterprise (“LBE”) by the City and County of San Francisco.

Our People

Lynette Curthoys

Founder and President

Lynette has focused her career on navigating critical energy and infrastructure construction projects through compliance with state and federal environmental laws. She leads and advises diverse teams to successful outcomes using her depth of industry experience, communication skills, and project management expertise. A dynamic facilitator and trainer, Lynette has organized and run over a hundred successful training programs, workshops, staff retreats, open houses, agency meetings, and industry events. In addition to adding value to individual project teams, she helps management teams identify and implement best practices for diverse environmental, permitting, and organizational development issues.

Lynette focused her studies on environmental communications and graduated with honors from the Human Biology program at Stanford. She has a passion for oceans and spends most of her vacations and free time in, on, or near the water.

Antonia Sivyer

Senior Project Manager

Antonia thrives on leading the environmental review of complex water and energy projects. She is keenly focused on her clients’ best interests: cultivating a collaborative process, balancing environmental, design, and schedule priorities, and working toward successful project delivery. Since joining Foghorn Solutions in 2013, Antonia has worked on a diverse range of projects and environmental initiatives. Antonia holds a Master of Marine Affairs from the University of Washington.

Antonia’s family has roots in Sweden and New Zealand, and she loves visiting these stellar parts of the world. Mostly, however, she is happy spending time outside – running, biking, or hiking – in her native northern California.

Angela Yu

Senior Project Manager

Angela is a versatile program manager with experience directing large cross-functional teams. She is an expert at developing comprehensive environmental impact assessments and permitting strategies for large infrastructure projects. She quickly understands the unique needs of each project, and has the drive and ability to execute complex programs with aggressive schedule and financial constraints. A highly collaborative leader, Angela is adept at relationship building with clients and stakeholders, technical staff, contractors, and agencies.

Angela has an academic background in landscape ecology and botany, with a BA in Environmental Studies from UCLA and a MA in Environmental Studies from San Francisco State. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping, and plant identification throughout California.

Our Work


Planning, permitting, and compliance strategies for energy and infrastructure construction projects



  • Siting studies
  • Streamlined permitting strategies
  • Environmental impact studies (CEQA/NEPA)
  • Permit applications and schedules
  • Agency negotiations
  • Programmatic permitting
  • Environmental compliance management
  • Habitat conservation planning
  • Project management


Community and stakeholder outreach, meeting facilitation, and training program development



  • Stakeholder outreach programs
  • Public meetings and open houses
  • Offsite meetings and retreats
  • Training program development and delivery
  • Interactive training techniques
  • Train-the-trainer programs and coaching

Best Practices

Situation analysis and procedure development


  • Define best practices through benchmarking, internal assessments, and situation analysis
  • Lessons-learned analysis
  • Develop standards and procedures